Due to COVID-19, nobody is allowed to access the WBRS studio until further notice. For more information, please contact us at gm@wbrs.org.

WBRS Board Members


Joella Waldman and Haley Brown

Joella Waldman and Haley Brown, General Manager(s)


Joella is a current junior at Brandeis University majoring in Sociology and International & Global Studies. She first got involved with WBRS her first year by showing up to co-op days, which is a great way to get to know the other executive board members and interning on different radio shows! Joella was also the special productions director her sophomore year and since has been extremely involved with the station and its members.

Haley is a junior with a double major in American Studies and Film, Television, & Interactive Media with minors in Legal Studies, English, and Creative Writing. Along with being co-General Manager, she also has a radio show called ‘Pass the Aux.’ She absolutely adores every second she spends in the WBRS studio — feel free to reach out to her with any questions about the station!

Sarah Halpern

Sarah Halpern, Programming Director


Sarah is a senior double majoring in business and art history. Sarah became involved in WBRS as our communications director her sophomore year. She also has a show on Tuesdays at 10 pm, so tune in! She was then programming director her junior year, and now is excited to return once again as programming director. Programming Director manages the schedule, website, blog posts, and is the bridge between the WBRS DJ community and e-board. Contact Sarah if you want to start your own show, write a blog post, or obtain any extra information about joining WBRS! 

Rachel Plotnik

Rachel Plotnik, Business Director


As Business Manager for WBRS, Rachel oversees and tracks all financial decisions within the radio station. She also writes regular reports and administers budgets to each other member. She is looking forward to this school year and all the fun WBRS events to come!
Alex Wofford

Alex Wofford, Technical Director


Alex Wofford is a junior studying physics and math. He primarily manages WBRS’s recording studio. His radio show, Thunderstorms/ Clear Skies, is every Monday evening from 4:30 to 5:30, with focuses on American Punk, Japanese House, and French Pop. If you come intern on his show, he’ll even let you pick which one!


April Ginns

April Ginns, Music Director


April Ginns is a junior studying psychology and music. Her radio show BIG INDIE ENERGY! is every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00, which focuses on female-fronted indie music. She runs Concert Committee meetings an hour before the general meeting. Reach out to her at music@wbrs.org to learn more about joining WBRS, submitting music to play on her show, and interning!

Rebecca Goldfarb

Rebecca Goldfarb, Personnel Director


Rebecca is a senior studying Business and a self designed major in Communications, with minors in Legal Studies and Creative Writing. She got involved with WBRS at the beginning of her freshman year to explore and share her growing passion for music. Her Spotify is one of her prized possessions. When Rebecca is not sending out weekly emails as the personnel director, she can also be found planning concerts on music committee, helping out with the recording studio, and hosting a weekly radio show, Ginger Haze. She’s looking forward to another year with the station! Feel free to reach out to Rebecca with any inquiries about joining the station, interning, earning Co-op hours, getting DJ tested, or if you just want a friend!

James Parkhill

James Parkhill, Communications Director


James is currently a senior double majoring in Business and Health: Science, Society, and Policy. Growing up in San Francisco, James was exposed to a lot of Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass and Hip-Hop. Currently, James holds his show “Music on the Hill” from 9-10 every Wednesday (although I may want to change my time for next semester tbh).

Joshua Aldwinckle-Povey

Joshua Aldwinckle-Povey, News Director


Josh is a rising sophomore from the UK, currently undecided on his major. He joined WBRS in his second semester at Brandeis, and enjoys sharing the things he finds interesting and music he loves with others. He’s passionate about telling interesting stories, and is new to the position of News Director. Contact him at news@wbrs.org!

Sidonia Ohringer

Sidonia Ohringer, SPUD Director


Sidonia is a third year student at Brandeis majoring in art history and igs. She is excited to put on some lovely events this year and wants to hear your ideas as well!

Jonah White

Jonah White, Sports Director


Jonah is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York. He is a fan of the Mets, Jaguars, Nets, Islanders, and Leicester City FC. He helps broadcast Judges’ athletics and is an aspiring play-by-play announcer. He appreciates sports from every angle, including as a baseball umpire and flag football referee. Reach out if you want to discuss anything sports related, from VAR to the history of baseball’s antitrust exemption.

Alev Yorulmaz

Alev Yorulmaz, Chief Announcer


Alev is a junior majoring in economics and history. This year she is excited to continue as a member of music committee and be the chief announcer for WBRS. She hopes to see you at some meetings and shows!

Caleb Duffy

Caleb Duffy, Student Music


Caleb is a Junior at Brandeis majoring in Music History and minoring in Business. Caleb got involved with WBRS through the Student Music Committee as he was searching for a place for his band to practice and never looked back. Caleb has decided to provide the same opportunity to all student musicians who want their voices heard. Feel free to reach out and discover how we support student musicians!