Due to COVID-19, nobody is allowed to access the WBRS studio until further notice. For more information, please contact us at gm@wbrs.org.

Get Involved

The heart of WBRS are the passionate DJs who keep it running 24/7 with their excellent radio programming and dedication to the station. We are always looking and encouraging new people to get involved, and it is really simple to do so.

  1. Come to one of WBRS’ “New Members Meetings” or email any staff member of WBRS to get more information.
  2. Intern on a radio show that interests you, whether it be news, sports, music, etc. for a total of four hours.
  3. Complete six-eight (depending on prior DJ status) hours of co-op work (some sort of labor directed by a board member that contributes to the upkeep of the station).
  4. Schedule and pass a DJ test demonstrating your knowledge of WBRS and the equipment it uses on a daily basis organized by our Personnel Director (personnel@wbrs.org).
  5. Arrange your very own block in the WBRS broadcasting schedule by coordinating with Programming Director (programming@wbrs.org).
  6. Go do your show – You earned it.

Get involved today!