WBRS Board Members


Ariella Weiss & Joshua Hertz

Ariella Weiss & Joshua Hertz, General Manager


Joshua is a senior majoring in HSSP(B.S.) with a minor in Legal Studies. A native of Miami, Florida, he enjoys playing guitar and watching sports with his friends. He previously spent a year and a half as the sports director and continues to work play-by-play for Judges athletic events. When not in the studio he can be found fleeing from the evil kiwibots.


Ariella is a senior majoring in History with a minor in Journalism from Teaneck, New Jersey. In her free time she enjoys watching films, listening to her favorite cds. She previously served as the station’s personnel director and hopes to continue to connect the WBRS community.


Willow Bosworth

Willow Bosworth, Programming Director


Willow is a junior from Carrboro, North Carolina majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. They previously served as Communications Director for WBRS and absolutely adore the community. They started ‘WILLOWCORE’, an experimental pop/electronic show, their first semester, and have received support and listenership from artists across the community  In their free time, they’re likely curating playlists or collecting rocks

Sophie Kaye

Sophie Kaye, Business Director


Sophie Kaye hails from Los Angeles, California. She conquered her inaugural Boston winter without yielding to the cold hopefully this happens again this year. She is currently immersed in the realms of Business and Psychology studies, she might change that up… who knows. Her interests include savoring ice cream, capturing moments through photography, and relishing long strolls along the beach.
Miles Lloyd

Miles Lloyd, Technical Director


Miles is a senior majoring in Film Studies and American Studies, with a minor in Music. He has taken on the role of Tech Director for his final year at Brandeis, and helps support the back end operations around the studio. Miles has been writing and producing music across multiple genres for years, and is always eager to help people learn something new about music equipment and recording.


Dasha Alfonso

Dasha Alfonso, Music Director


Dasha is a sophomore majoring in Classical and Early Mediterranean Studies and Philosophy from Coral Gables, Florida. They became involved with WBRS their freshman year through Student Music Committee and are excited to be using their position as Music Director to bring unique artists to campus. Outside of radio they enjoy translating old literature, reading big books, fencing, and the indomitable human spirit.

Edgar Garcia

Edgar Garcia, Personnel Director


Edgar is a junior from Chicago, Illinois majoring in Business, Economics, and International and Global Studies. This is their first year as a WBRS eboard member. Outside of WBRS he works as a personal trainer at Gosman gym and is an SSSP tutor.
Lauren Podhorzer

Lauren Podhorzer, Communications Director


Lauren is a senior majoring in studio art and art history from Long Island, New York. She is an undergraduate departmental representative for the fine arts department and an arts contributor for the Brandeis Hoot. In her free time, she enjoys making lengthy playlists, listening to rock music, and reading comic books!

Grace Doh

Grace Doh, News Director


Grace is a sophomore from New Jersey majoring in English and minoring in Film and Journalism. She loves crocheting/knitting, reading, art, and of course all things music.

Ella Thanik

Ella Thanik, SPUD Director


Ella is a sophomore from New York City, double majoring in Art History and Business. She joined WBRS this year and has her own radio show called “One Hundred Percent with Ella and Ifigenia.” Besides music, she loves baking, making crafts, going to museums, and trying new coffee shops!

Clay Napurano

Clay Napurano, Sports Director


Clay (he/they) is a senior from Natick, Massachusetts studying history, environmental studies, and legal studies. He loves cooking, doing musical improv with False Advertising, running, working at a bakery (@barista.clay), and co-hosting BIG TUNA with Henry Wicks every Friday from 10-11pm. #GOBIRDS #BIGTUNA
Madeline Logan

Madeline Logan, Library Coordinator

Madeline is a senior studying Studio Art and Environmental Studies from Needham, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. She likes piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. She’s not into yoga and has half a brain.

Lyn Stanley

Lyn Stanley, Library Coordinator

Lyn is a sophomore from Lake Bluff, Illinois majoring in Business with minors in Hispanic Studies and Legal Studies. This is their first position on the WBRS e-board and are extremely passionate about vinyl collection and preservation. They feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such an expansive collection and hope to add even more to the WBRS archive in the future while making it easily accessible for anyone who would like to make use of it. They also like making ridiculously long playlists, playing video games, and staring blankly at walls while thinking of what they have to do later.
Rae Rein

Rae Rein, Student Musicians Coordinator


Rae is a junior from Evanston, IL majoring in psychology. He has been a part of the Student Music Committee for the last couple of years, helping to run events such as open mics and student concerts. They are also a musician and songwriter, and have released an EP called In Color under their artist name, Rae Nico, on all streaming platforms. In his free time, he can be found watching TV shows in bed while eating ice cream by the pint.

Neema Kitonga

Neema Kitonga, Chief Announcer

Neema Kitonga is a freshman from Atlanta, GA but grew up in Nairobi,Kenya. She is majoring in Economics and International and Global Studies. This is her first time in the WBRS eboard. For her free time, she likes to garden, listen to soul music and keep up with current world affairs