Calling all Brandeis Musicians!

By Ethan Gelman — My name is Ethan Gelman and I am a sophomore here at Brandeis studying music. I am in the process of creating a producer album showcasing Brandeis talent. I am looking for musical talent in all arrays. Some examples include but are not limited to, instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, rappers, and more. This album will not be limited to one specific genre or musical style. Current genres on the album include lo-fi hip hop, pop, trap, hyperpop, and more. Artists currently on the album include Trizzy Tray,, Ben Maffa, Jessie Gronowitz, Coby Mandell, Miles Lloyd, and Simon Fidlin. Artists can choose to contribute just an instrumental part, a verse, a chorus, or a whole song. Once the album is finished, it will be released to my Spotify with all artists credited. While I would love for the album to include every artist in Brandeis, there are only so many songs I can include on the album. I will have a soft limit of 15 artists contributing depending on how parts work out. Genres of songs will be picked based on artist preference. I will be doing all the production work. For rappers and vocalists, that means, if wanted, I will compose a beat/song of their choosing for them to perform and mix/master their vocals. Instrumentalists who want to compose their own song are free to do so. All songs on the albums will be original, not covers. 

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or would like to feature, please reach out to me at or my instagram @florida_revival