CONCERT REVIEW: Snail Mail / Why Bonnie by April Ginns

Snail Mail / Why Bonnie at The Sinclair on 12/1/18

Snail Mail

by April Ginns

Baltimore’s Snail Mail put on an all-ages show at The Sinclair this past Saturday and the audience really was all ages. Young children, parents, and college students came together to watch 19-year-old Lindsey Jordan and her band perform her incredible indie rock masterpieces.

Why Bonnie performed an unexpectedly delightful warm-up set, with indie music of the same vein, but with more of a bedroom pop vibe. Why Bonnie has five members and the keyboard especially adds to their warm sound. “Made of Paper” was my favorite song that the band performed. I had never listened to Why Bonnie before I saw them at the show but I immediately looked them up afterward and added their discography to my saved music. The vocal harmonies that the band crafts so carefully stand out in contrast with Snail Mail’s solo lines.

The concert only continued to get better as Snail Mail began their set with “Heat Wave.” Unlike on the recording, Jordan stretches out the lyrics for longer durations, building the crowd’s excitement until she speeds back up to the normal upbeat tempo at the chorus. Snail Mail only has one album out along with their original EP, meaning all of the songs are well known. The audience sang all the words to Jordan’s biggest hits, “Thinning” and “Pristine.”

Jordan’s awkward, endearing banter charmed her fans as the band re-tuned their guitars, especially when she told a funny story from their recent European tour. The Sinclair show was their second show in the United States since returning and there was so much anticipation for the US tour that the venue added a second set for the same evening. I was at the earlier show when Jordan remarked that she was amazed they could sell out twice for the same evening. Regrettably, there was, therefore, no encore after the performance I attended.

This was my third time seeing Snail Mail. Jordan and her band never disappoint, and I would gladly see them again.

April Ginns is from Bethesda, Maryland. Tune into her show BIG INDIE ENERGY! on Thursdays at 7pm EST.