Day/Night Album Review – By Sam Berkooz

Parcels is an Australian electro-pop band that has been turning heads and moving feet on dance floors for quite some time now. They have been on the scene since releasing their singles back in 2016. If you haven’t tuned in yet, it’s about time. On October 20, 2023 they released their second live album, which captured their set from a concert at Le Palace, Paris. 


After listening to their newest live album (definitely worth a listen), I was inspired to revisit their 2021 sophomore album, “Day/Night,” where they wear the many hats of an electrifying blend of disco, funk, and modern pop. I’ve been returning to the album occasionally since its release and am never disappointed by any relisten


The album kicks off with “Day,” setting the stage with a sunny and optimistic sonicscape owing to a beautiful rising tension and composition. The track “Comingback” immediately encapsulates Parcels’ classic sound: a catchy bassline, groovy guitar riffs, and the smooth, soulful vocals of Jules Crommelin and Patrick Hetherington blend seamlessly to create a feel-good, head-bobbing experience. The layered interplay of instruments and rich vocal harmonies make “Day” a joyous opener, ensuring that listeners are in for a euphoric ride.


Moving into the “Night”, the album’s tone takes a more introspective turn, proving Parcel’s potential for a lasting experience between their music and its listeners. “Somethinggreater” is a standout track that showcases Parcels’ lyrical depth and their ability to blend introspection with danceable melodies. The juxtaposition between the darker lyrics and the shimmering instrumentals gives the listener an intriguing mix of emotions, and really gives them something to appreciate.


The album’s title track, “Day/Night,” transitions between these two worlds brilliantly. It’s a sonic journey, starting with soft, atmospheric moments that lead to a crescendo of disco-infused euphoria. The band demonstrates their instrumental comfortability and their knack for crafting layered, evolving compositions. Parcels’ ability, across all their works, to build compositions of vivid feeling has cemented their place in my heart.  


“Free” and “Elude” provide the nocturnal soundtrack of the album, offering mellow grooves and introspective lyrics. “Free” exudes the aspiration for liberation, while “Elude” delves into the complexity of human emotions, with its melancholic piano chords and dreamy synths. These tracks serve as a bridge between the two halves of the album. 


The final act of “Night” builds to a drifting finish with “Inside.” The pulsating beat, funky bassline, and lyricless instrumentation gently lays the listener to rest. This track majestically ties a bow on the album and really opens the listener up to the night and quiet that follows after the record is done playing. Cleverly however, the opening notes of the first track match up seamlessly with the final sounds of the final track. In doing so, their message of balance and interconnectedness literally comes full circle between the day and night. 


All this to say, I’m super glad I had the opportunity to revisit this album that covers a lot of ground in a deeply enjoyable way. The 1 hour and 36 minute run time wastes not one second in exploring  ideas of joy, yearning, freedom, light vs. dark, and balance. If you haven’t already, go give “Day/Night” a listen. It’s got an incredible range with something for everyone. 

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