OK, Computer…


… play me some music. Something I haven’t heard before. Something new.

Since November 2013, we at WBRS have been overhauling our technology to provide you with a better listening experience. In the past two weeks you may have noticed a new, higher quality web-stream and dedicated sports broadcast streams. These improvements (as well as this beautiful new website) are the results of our commitment as an executive board to our DJs and our listenership.

But that’s not all. In accord with our mission as a college radio station, we’re bringing you better and more varied music in the hours when the studio doesn’t have a live DJ. Our new automation software supports direct import of iTunes playlists as well as dynamic scheduling, so you’ll notice more auditory cohesion in every hour of music. We’re also working to curate specific hour long sets in late-night/early-morning time slots, and set-up replays of our most popular shows.

Technology is helping to drive better content and better delivery. All for you guys.