Spotlight Series: Maxwell Krims

Welcome to the first post of our WBRS Spotlight Series! This series will highlight the WBRS community, from the E-Board to the DJs. Our first post will highlight Maxwell Krims, the general manager for fall 2019. Maxwell has been involved in WBRS since his second semester at Brandeis. Before being elected as general manager, Maxwell worked on creating a department for our automation, which is the music that plays when no live show is on. This department is aimed to maintain, update, and rework the automation in order to make it more enjoyable, effective, and organized. Now automation has become a team effort where all of our DJs submit music. Looking at the future, Maxwell’s plans are “to continue overhauling automation so that we gain more footing on young listeners, foster even more joint sessions and play their works on the radio, and under this umbrella, make sure that more student music is played on our station. Additionally, I want to propagate our news broadcasting, and hopefully work with news and media organizations on campus to make sure that student voices, concerns, and opinions are a central aspect to our station, all the while maintaining representative and minimized bias content.” Also, Maxwell’s favorite thing about WBRS is “our ability to listen, speak, and inspire (the listening part is not to be taken lightly) whether we listen to radio suggestions or publicize opinions or news, we cannot underestimate our power to listen.” Outside of WBRS, Maxwell is an anthropology major currently working on an anthropology senior honors thesis. His plans are “to document and inspire discussion around how students with disabilities experience life at Brandeis.”

Stay posted for more posts from our “Spotlight Series” to come!