The WILLOWCORE Top 30 New Tracks of 2023 – by Will0Wall0 (Willow Bosworth)

2023 was a mixed bag for the world of electronica. This year saw the resurgence of genre-tags such as ‘indie sleaze’, ‘shoegaze’ and ‘ambient’. ‘Willowcore’ mainstays such as Hannah Diamond and COBRAH graced the world with triumphant returns. Even trash-pop superstar Ayesha Erotica announced she was coming out of retirement. 2023 also brought some more unfortunate news alongside the positive. After 10 years of releases, culture-shifting record label PC Music announced it would be shutting down. The general public saw a massive increase in ai-generated vocals. Perhaps most devastatingly, pioneering composer and producer Ryuichi Sakamoto passed away in March. Despite the tumult of this year, 2023 also brought about a wave of new tracks that in one way or another push the boundaries of genre and musical convention. The following is an attempt to uplift and draw attention to artists and tracks that represent musical experimentalism. Each of the following tracks has (in this reviewer’s opinion) brought with it something unique and worth celebrating. Without further ado, please enjoy my picks for the top 30 new songs of 2023.


  1. RIDE IT – LustSickPuppy

Album: RIDE IT

Label: lustsickpuppy

Released: January 20

New York-based LustSickPuppy hit the ground running this year with a track that latches on and never lets go across its three-minute runtime. Produced by Machine Girl, ‘RIDE IT’ is fast-paced and bubbly, reminiscent of a carnival funhouse on fire. LustSickPuppy’s vocals, full of zingers and confident boasts, are delivered with complete ease, the artist in total awareness of themself and their capabilities. in ‘RIDE IT’, the musician/fashion designer has created a sonic world befitting their vibrant and chaotic sensibilities. Backed by crunchy distortion and mind-bending synths, ‘RIDE IT’ is an instant classic, elevated to something supremely special by LustSickPuppy’s wit and artistic sensibilities. 


  1. deathrow bby – Namasenda

Album: Ambrosia

Label: YEAR0001

Released: October 5

After announcing her departure from British label ‘PC Music’ in late May, Namasenda burst back onto the scene with ‘Ambrosia’. The EP is a glittering ten-minute ride down a highway at full speed, utilizing Namasenda’s airy voice to their fullest. Closing track ‘deathrow bby’ is a shining example of Namasenda’s self-awareness, her vocals effortlessly bleeding into the bass-heavy production. The resulting track is one that sounds wholly unlike anything Namasenda has put out to date, and feels emblematic of her transition away from PC Music. ‘deathrow bby’ (and by extension all of ‘Ambrosia’ feels like a sign of things to come, and as the Swedish starlet continues to make a name for herself, this track shows she’s still committed to constantly redefining her capabilities.



  1. leavemealone – Fred again.., Baby Keem

Album: leavemealone

Label: Fred Gibson, under exclusive license to Warner Music UK Limited

Released: December 8

First debuted in Chicago during his US tour, Fred again..’s ‘leavemealone’ was an instant fan-favorite. Known primarily for his sample-heavy tracks, often incorporating conversations and chopped vocals over pulsing beats, Fred again.. here proves he’s still capable of music beyond the conventional dance tropes. Incorporating glitchy drum-and-bass alongside chopped vocals from Baby Keem’s catalog, ‘leavemealone’ stands out across the British artist’s many production credits. While it’s hard to classify ‘leavemealone’ as a ‘full’ drum-and-bass track, the song shows Fred again..’s continued willingness to reach across the chasm of electronica to create something wholly new.


  1. Flashback – Hannah Diamond

Album: Perfect Picture

Label: PC Music

Released: October 6

Hannah Diamond fans are by now used to waiting. The singer’s 2019 debut album, ‘Reflections’, was preceded by six years of singles, so when ‘Staring At The Ceiling’ was released as the lead single to her second album in early 2022, many hunkered down for the long wait ahead. They were (hopefully) not disappointed, with ‘Perfect Picture’ arriving in late October. Across an album gleaming with sugar-coated bubblegum pop, it’s ‘Flashback’ that shines the brightest. The track invites the listener across a journey of nostalgia and love lost, an especially poignant topic now that PC Music has announced a cessation of new releases going forward. ‘Flashback’ still stands as a shimmering invitation to hold onto hope, elevated further by Diamond’s vocal talents.



  1. Angel (From Barbie The Album) – PinkPantheress

Album: Angel (From Barbie The Album)

Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Mattel, Inc, & PinkPantheress

Released: June 8

2023 was a big year for PinkPantheress. ‘Boy’s a liar Pt. 2, her collaboration with Ice Spice, saw immense popularity. Her first full-length album, Heaven knows’ saw release. More shockingly, the artist finally revealed her true name to the public. This is, of course, all without counting ‘Angel’, her contribution to the already star-studded Barbie soundtrack. Across her many releases, ‘Angel’ stands out, taking PinkPantheress’ already emotionally-intimate artistry and putting it on full display. With production aided by the likes of BloodPop® and Count Baldor, ‘Angel’ is a testament to PinkPantheress’ ability to stay fresh, blending fiddle and skewed beats to the artist’s vocals. The end result is something out of a Barbie Dream House: light and sweet, yet shining bright.


  1. Cold Touch – Kito, GrimesAI

Album: Cold Touch

Label: Mad Decent

Released: May 17

Way back in April, when Grimes announced she was willing to let people use her as a basis for AI-generated vocals, the world was left torn over whether or not this was a natural progression for music. The answer is no clearer now, but regardless of one’s personal opinion as to the ethicality of AI vocals, it seems clear the practice is here to stay. While it would then be easy to label Kito’s ‘Cold Touch’ as an omen (either good or bad), it feels more appropriate to recognize it for what it is: an experiment, and a stunning one at that. Kito makes use of the full capabilities of the GrimesAI, blending vocals across strobing synths and rapid drum beats to create a rapidly-evolving club number. ‘Cold Touch’ is a powerful end result, reminding us that even amongst the worry of how AI vocals could negatively affect artists, there are some who see it as a tool to blur the already murky lines between human and machine.


  1. Woe (I See It From Your Side) [Björk Remix] – Shygirl, Björk

Album: Woe (I See It From Your Side) [Björk Remix]

Label: Because Music Ltd.

Released: March 21

As an accomplished producer and vocalist, Björk is no stranger to remixes, but there’s something special in her contribution to ‘Nymph_o’, the update to Shygirl’s 2022 debut album. ‘Woe’, the opening track on ‘Nymph, received a spot on last year’s Top Tracks, but as showstopping as it may have been, Björk manages to create something even more breathtaking here. ‘Woe (I See It From Your Side)’ take’s Shygirl’s original track and throws it to the ground, fracturing it into something dark, twisted, and beautiful. Led by Björk’s incredible vocal abilities coupled with a stuttering and cinematic production, the remix is a blending of two of electronica’s strongest voices, a gorgeous pairing that leaves the listener begging for more. 


  1. Pure Smile Snake Venom – Eartheater

Album: Pure Smile Snake Venom

Label: Chemical X under exclusive license to Mad Decent

Released: August 23

Drawing inspiration from the face mask of the same name, ‘Pure Smile Snake Venom’ is Eartheater at some of her best. The track, assisted in production by Sega Bodega, pulls a bait-and-switch on its listeners, metallic stabs melting into Eartheater’s multi-octave voice assisted by high-flying keys. The track is always primed to strike, baring fangs at every turn, yet managing to stay gentle throughout. As the lead single of Eartheater’s sixth album, ‘Powders’, ‘Pure Smile Snake Venom’ serves as a perfect gateway drug, hooking in the listener to the album’s vivid nine-track run. Still, it stands out as a distillation of the essence of Eartheater: stunning vocals and intensely-focused production determined to stir something primal deep within the listener. 



  1. Marvin descending – Christine and the Queens


Label: Because Music

Released: June 9

Opening on a stripped-back piano backing, ‘Marvin descending’ lays Christine and the Queens’ vocals bare, on full display to the audience. The French musician’s mastery over emotion shines through on this track, the production increasing in intensity alongside his vocals, adding electric guitar slides, frantic drums, and droning synths as he moves the track forward. Across an album boasting features from both 070 Shake and Madonna, it’s Christine and the Queens’ solo work in ‘Marvin descending’ that leads as an emotional core. It’s a track that leaves the listener spellbound, enraptured by the artist’s ability to invoke such strong feelings of awe.


  1. Ghost! – Tkay Maidza

Album: Sweet Justice

Label: 4AD Ltd

Released: November 3

‘Sweet Justice’ follows Tkay Maidza in her foray across genres and conventions, and ‘Ghost!’ is no different in this regard. Boasting production from now-legendary house icon KAYTRANADA, the track is custom-made for the club, vintage synths and woozy basslines pulsing alongside Maidza’s honey-laden vocals. ‘Ghost!’ utilizes the Zimbabwean-Australian artist’s talents to their fullest, allowing her lyrical expertise to come into full play. The track cements its place within Maidza’s impressive body of work, standing out with a glorious level of energy and power.




  1. Out Of Time – Slayyyter

Album: Out Of Time

Label: Slayyyter, under exclusive license to FADER Label

Released: June 9

Slayyyter’s third studio album saw the popstar take on Hollywood, with all its glitz and glamor, but it’s the lead single that truly encapsulates this world in all the glory it deserves. ‘Out Of Time’ is custom-tailored for the dancefloor, it’s retro-pop pastiche working to Slayyyter’s benefit. The artist’s vocals take center stage here, soaring across the track’s bubbling basslines. It’s a testament to Slayyter’s versatility as a musician, easily shifting from vintage starlet to modern-day, wholly unmoored by the continuum of time.


  1. anon – Dorian Electra

Album: Fanfare

Label: Dorian Electra

Released: July 20

Dorian Electra’s third album is overflowing with new exercises in post-modernist experimentalism, but it’s the third single from the album, ‘anon’, that takes this willingness to push boundaries to a new level. The artist’s hyper-awareness of internet culture is turned up to the maximum on ‘anon’, their witty vocals paired with electric guitars just begging to be unleashed. The song’s climax is frenzied and fantastical, Electra’s voice becoming little more than another element of the instrumentation. The track is held back from pure chaos, retaining a sense of forward momentum throughout that allows it to feel focused and clear in its goal. ‘anon’ is classic Dorian Electra: willing to conform to musical standards only as much as it’s willing to destroy them.



  1. If I Knew – Thy Slaughter (A. G. Cook & EASYFUN)

Album: Sentence / If I Knew

Label: PC Music

Released: October 26

As PC Music’s decade-long run comes to a close, one of the label’s most beloved bands finally saw it time to release an album. ‘Soft Rock’ draws upon band members A. G. Cook and EASYFUN’s vast experience in both production and vocal work to create a veritable sonic world. ‘If I Knew’ is but one stand-out track on an album that works to break down the barriers of modern music to create something timeless. Featuring vocals from frequent A. G. Cook collaborator Alaska Reid, ‘If I Knew’ is painfully intimate, spinning a tale of love and devotion across syncopated piano and highwire synths. The resulting track is constantly flowing, breezily pulling listeners along for the ride.


  1. Collision Data – feat. Marina Henlop – Iglooghost, Marina Henlop

Album: Collision Data


Released: November 22

Like ‘Lei Line Eon’ and ‘Neō Wax Bloom’ before it, Iglooghost’s upcoming album (currently only known by the initials TME) will be a window into an alternate world. This world, far from those explored in Iglooghost’s past work, so far has shown itself to be stormy and full of rough edges. As an introduction to this new reality, ‘Collision Data’ is stunning, much grittier than the polished veneer of 2021’s ‘Lei Line Eon’, and elevated by Marina Henlop’s ethereal vocals. The two artists work off of each other with ease, Iglooghost’s oscillating production and whispering vocal splices helixing around Henlop’s gentle voice, spinning through the storm of the track with clarity. ‘Collision Data’ is classic Iglooghost, but taken even further in composure, clearly a signifier of the artist’s next work, and the world it will help bring to light.



  1. PSYCHE_extended_ ft_snowy_prod.pholo – BABii, Pholo, Snowy

Album: SCREAMER_edit_Vii

Label: BABii & Supernature, a Gloo release

Released: January 13

First teased as the outro to ‘BUTTERFLY 11’ in the 2022 first release of ‘SCREAMER’, ‘PSYCHE_extended_’ fits right at home in BABii’s updated second album. The track is carried not only by BABii’s lyrical mastery, but by the talents of grime mainstay Snowy, who’s rapping pairs beautifully with Pholo’s wonky production. ‘PSYCHE_extended_’ despite highlighting the abilities of both Snowy and Pholo, is no doubt a BABii classic through-and-through, her ear for tightly-wrapped production and impenetrable candor pushing the track over the edge into something that exists beyond the limitations of simple codifiers.


  1. Dang – Caroline Polachek

Album: Dang

Label: Perpetual Novice

Released: October 17

In stark contrast to her second album ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’, released in February of this year, Caroline Polachek’s ‘Dang’ is dark and murky, full of references to her past work. Mocking the title of her 2019 debut ‘Pang’, ‘Dang’ exists in a constant state of snarky self-awareness, Polachek’s vocals complemented by the track’s pounding percussion. The song reaches a climax with Polachek’s prolonged screaming, a reference to a semi-infamous clip of her yelling at swans in London’s Hyde Park, before delving back into its avant-pop depths of mechanical drums and synth screws. Assisted in production by Danny L Harle and Cecile Believe, ‘Dang’ is expertly crafted, each component of the track designed to maximize its sense of ingenuity. The listener is kept perpetually on their toes as the song bends and turns across its runtime.



  1. Nothing Lasts Forever (with Grimes) – Sevdaliza, Grimes

Album: Nothing Lasts Forever (with Grimes)

Label: Twisted Elegance

Released: November 3

The inevitable collaboration between Sevdaliza and Grimes has been eagerly awaited for by the world, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. The two artists reflect on the ever-shifting nature of the future over a pulsating rave number, the track’s basslines hardly letting up as they progress. While both Sevdaliza and Grimes are talented producers, and their abilities are put to good use here, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ excels in its pairing of the artists’ vocals. As the song progresses, both artist’s voices blend into one another, reflecting the mechanical and cyclical nature of the future envisioned by the track. While perhaps grim in its expectations of what may come, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ funnels its sense of futurism into a highly memorable experience, encouraging the listener to dance on as the world decays.


  1. Keitai – Cecilia Gault

Album: Keitai

Label: Cecilia Gault

Released: January 16

J-Pop is by no means some final frontier never explored in Western music, but Cecilia Gault’s ‘Keitai’ takes this influence to the next level, mixing the artist’s partial Japanese descent with future dream pop aesthetics. The ensuing concoction is brimming with dazzling synthwork and earworm vocals. Gault’s emotional resonance burns through her vocals, which burst with longing and just a tiny sliver of hesitancy, creating short bursts of tension that drive ‘Keitai’ forward. Add in a heightened sense of melodic composition, and ‘Keitai’ easily takes its spot in dream pop heaven, pulling listeners into its realm of youthful desperation for a special someone.






Label: Gagball AB under exclusive license to Atlantic Recording Corporation

Released: October 13

COBRAH can never be described as lacking in self-confidence, but her third EP ‘SUCCUBUS’ sees the Swedish artist reach new levels of self-assuredness. The artist’s unique brand of sexually slick beats paired with sultry and resonant vocals is put on full display in ‘ACTIVATE’. The song’s lyrics not only pay homage to iconic female performers such as FKA twigs, Destiny’s Child, Charli XCX, and ROSALÍA, but display COBRAH’S iconic self-assuredness and personal power. This power, delivered over a buzzsaw-laden production, brand ‘ACTIVATE’ as a highlight in COBRAH’s fast-growing catalog of work. With the artist’s rising popularity, it’s only a matter of time before the track is joined by even more gems.


  1. Devil’s Chariot – LSDXOXO

Album: Devil’s Chariot

Label: F.A.G., under exclusive license to Because Music

Released: July 13

LSDXOXO’s flip on Oklou’s ‘god’s chariot’ takes the already alluring quality of the original and transforms it into something hypnotic and deadly. Assisted in production by Sega Bodega, the Berlin-based artist makes full use of its source material and its vocal talents, blending the two into a haunting club number that stays imprinted on the listener long after it ends. ‘Devil’s Chariot’ allows LSDXOXO to spread his crafty wings, showcasing his unique perception of sound by reinterpreting Oklou’s track as something befitting the darkest of clubs. 




  1. Hell 4 Heaven – Plasmic

Album: Hell 4 Heaven

Label: Plasmic

Released: October 13

Even after having the privilege to hear an early demo of the track, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer force and power of Plasmic’s newest single. ‘Hell 4 Heaven’ is a fury of synth madness, combining melted music box leads with the artist’s gorgeous lyrical talent. Plasmic’s latest track is impossible to fully categorize, spanning conventions of ‘synthpop’ to ‘cyberpunk’ to  ‘indie sleaze’, but ultimately presents itself as something wholly new and unique. As the artist continues to transfix new listeners, it’s no doubt that they’ll be able to continue their marvelous reign as a musician fully aware of each and every microsecond of their work.


  1. Out of Me – Donna Missal

Album: Out of Me

Label: Frank Records

Released: April 21

From tragedy comes triumph in Donna Missal’s third album ‘Revel’. Conceived while the artist was homeless in the summer of 2022, the album is a documentation of the ability for hope to emerge from heartbreak. This concept is no more apparent than in second single ‘Out of Me’, a dance track in near-constant motion. Missal’s vocals blend in and out of the whirlwind production, a constantly shifting beat that follows Missal’s lyrical journey. ‘Out of Me’ is a stunning reminder of Donna Missal’s artistry and dedication to her craft, her lilting vocals propelling a frenzy of cathartic motion across the track.   




  1. Beautiful (2023 Edit) – A. G. Cook

Album: Beautiful (2023 Edit)

Label: PC Music

Released: July 28

Released both in celebration of a decade of PC Music and a signifier of the label’s end of new releases, the 2023 edit of ‘Beautiful’ means a lot of things depending on how it’s approached. For one, it represents the evolution of both A. G. Cook and PC Music as a whole. In stark contrast to the original ‘Beautiful’, the 2023 edit is ecstatic in its energy, blending its chopped vocals with flickering and echoing synths, leading towards a glorious payoff in the form of its climax. From a different perspective, ‘Beautiful’ stands as a reflection of the music scene since PC Music’s conception – the loss of SOPHIE, the advent of terms like ‘hyperpop’ and ‘proto-hyperpop’, which fracture the already diverse releases of PC Music even further, and of course the label’s closure. Even still, with all it represents, ‘Beautiful’ is able to stand alone on its own two feet, a gorgeous and glittering release destined to go down in history as one of PC Music’s brightest.


  1. Destroy Me – Rebecca Black

Album: Let Her Burn

Label: Rebecca Black

Release: February 9

Far from the eternal joke that she was seen as in 2011, 2023 sees Rebecca Black as a fully-realized pop provocateur, able to bend the conventions of traditional electropop with sheer determination and ease. Her debut album is no different in this capability, able to flit between emotional honesty and electronic fury at the drop of a hat. ‘Destroy Me’ is an easy stand out amongst the album’s offerings; blending breakbeat production with crunchy guitar stabs and earnest admissions of awkwardness from Black. The track is an emotional rollercoaster, pairing the artist’s frank honesty with a total confidence in her own ability. The payoff is immense; ‘Destroy Me’ is one of Rebecca Black’s strongest songs, placing her skills in the limelight throughout the intensity of the track’s runtime.



  1. Backseat Girl – Jane Remover

Album: Census Designated

Label: deadAir

Released: October 20

Jane Remover’s second album is full of stand-out tracks, all ten songs managing to bring something new and compelling to the table. It’s ‘Backseat Girl’ however that sees Remover at some of her most emotional, her vocals clearly ringing through with intensity. The track, filled to the brim with controlled audio distortion, is a reminder of just how potent the artist’s tendency towards emotional resonance is. By the time the track descends into an interpolation of venturing’s ‘David Ortiz Pillbox’, it’s likely left most listeners completely spellbound, its whining guitars, steady death-march drumming, and Remover’s flowing vocals gripping hold of any listening ear caught in its path.


  1. software update – yeule

Album: softscars

Label: Ninja Tune

Released: September 22

yeule’s third album saw them venture into softer and less static-filled sonic textures than their previous works, but this doesn’t mean ‘softscars’ is without its fair share of distortion. Their trademark glitchy sound, alongside their propensity towards heavily reflective lyrics presents itself on ‘software update’, a spiraling look at love and pain. Starting on a calm guitar-led note, the track soon builds towards a climax of distorted strings, yeule’s gentle vocals layered with maximum efficiency. The result is simply stunning, a track led by the artist’s awareness of the digital age towards something that transcends yeule themself, a song so deeply personal yet so easy to see oneself in.





Album: ONYX


Released: March 3

I’ve talked at length about ‘ONYX before, when I reviewed the album shortly after release. Still, it bears mentioning that EXTREME’s fourth album is a stunning example of artistry, drawing from the anonymous project’s vast array of influences to create something completely autonomous and devoid of the ability to be understood as part of a genre. On an album as strong as ‘ONYX’, its closing track ‘ETERNALLY ONLINE’ wins out, providing an outlet for JACKIE EXTREME to once again experiment with ambient electronica. The track is gorgeous, pairing the artist’s transcendence of vocal confines with slowly-building synth-lines. ‘ETERNALLY ONLINE’ is a gem amongst JACKIE EXTREME’s glimmering catalog, leaving her fans eagerly anticipating her as-of-yet unnamed fifth album, and what’s to come after. 


  1. I Miss You 2 – 7777の天使, Blk Slk

Album: I Miss You 2

Label: Soul Feeder

Released: October 30

Electronic duo 7777の天使 pair with hardstyle producer for ‘I Miss You 2’, a chameleonic track that constantly shifts across its seven-minute run-time. From electro-ballad synths, to death metal-inspired screamo vocals, to gentle, guitar-driven melodies, to a final hardstyle send-off, the track is never content to stick to a singular identity, a decision by the artists that only fares well for them. ‘I Miss You 2’ is a daredevil dive across the chasms created by genre essentialism, a track only aided by its unwillingness to bury itself within a singular hole. In a discography full of tracks willing to shatter the glass of categorization, ‘I Miss You 2’ is perhaps 7777の天使’s best demonstration of protest against status to date, combining harmony and chaos to create something beautiful.



  1. Watch It Burn With Me – KAVARI

Album: Against The Wood, Opposed To Flesh

Label: mould poisioning

Released: November 3

Glasgow-based artist KAVARI’s debut album ties with JACKIE EXTREME’s ‘ONYX’ as my favorite album of 2023. ‘Against The Wood, Opposed To Flesh’ is an exploration of the ambient and the unsettling, mixing samples from fringe-horror mainstays such as ‘V/H/S’ and ‘Marble Hornets’ into painstakingly-crafted ambient electronica. Through the album, KAVARI is able to create macabre yet beautiful soundscapes organized in a loose cult narrative. ‘Watch It Burn With Me’ stands out across the album as drawing upon KAVARI’s impeccable sense of atmosphere, fit with crunchy distortion, perfectly-timed samples, and a deep droning bass. While the track is undeniably eerie, it’s also stunningly beautiful, displaying the Glasgow-based artist’s desire and sheer willingness to constantly experiment with her work, refusing to retread old ground. ‘Against The Wood, Opposed To Flesh’ is a strong first album from a producer who’s already shown herself to be capable of transforming at a moment’s notice, and forces the listener to confront their relationship to noise and to music as an institution.


  1. Black Stone – Kiss Facility

Album: Black Stone

Label: Kiss Facility & Supernature

Released: June 28

Mayah Alkhateri and Salvador Navarrete (better known as Sega Bodega) are fully aware of the conventional notions of shoegaze as a genre, and set out to definitively defy them. The second single from the duo’s first EP ‘Esoteric’, ‘Black Stone’ is lovingly crafted, blending Sega Bodega’s production, backed by haunting violins and pulsing guitar stabs, with Mayah Alkhateri’s jaw dropping vocal capabilities. ‘Black Stone’ is an impeccable release, each minute decision complementing the whole to an astounding degree. It signals alongside its arrival the creation of ‘Arabic shoegaze’ a combination that takes full advantage of the culture’s rich musical history and shoegaze’s powerful ethereal quality to create something poetic yet powerful. There is a fountain of emotion in Alkhateri’s voice, and her ability to captivate her audience is only boosted by the production capabilities of Sega Bodega. ‘Black Stone’ is hopefully only a taste of what’s to come, heralding the next evolution of music in the near future.


Honorable Mentions

‘Alchemy’ – Uffie

‘anthem’ – girl_irl

‘Club Cooter: Reloaded’ – Chase Icon

‘comet’ – caro♡

‘CUT MY HEART OUT’ – daine

‘Deli’ – Ice Spice

‘Famous Last Words (An Ode to Eaters)’ – 1017 ALYX 9SM, Ethel Cain

‘Fmuatw – Umru Remix’ – Brooke Candy, umru

‘Born For You’ – Astra King

‘Saddle’ – horsegiirL

‘Sinister Peak’ – JHL

‘Speed Drive – jamesjamesjames Remix’ – Charli XCX, jamesjamesjames

‘Spelling’ – Lolahol

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