Weekly Chart

by Raccoon (Music Director)

Everything and More

Andrew Austin (ft. Wlla)



The only question on my mind while listening to this song? Why is it called Andrew Austin? Quite honestly, I don’t know but what I do know is that this song brings out my inner pop bitch. It’s a good bop for a car ride with huge sunglasses on. Honestly though, not once do they say Andrew Austin.


What’s the Rhythm

Mike Krol



Ughhhh the angst. It’s so good. The description sent about Nick Krol included that music ruined his life and he’s full of self-loathing. Word. Anywho, keep pouring this punk rock angst into my ears baby boy.




Elephant Gym




Stop. Grab a joint (over 21 in legal states only) smoke it, and come back to me. I’ll wait. Not only is this song funky and fresh, the music video really puts it over the edge. It’s hypnotizing and trippy as all heck. Like what does it even mean man? And… why doesn’t that naked man have genitalia?


Album: Frames Per Second




Similar to Elephant Gym, Lotus is serving up some beats sans vocals so we can reminisce to the good ol’ days when language wasn’t invented and we never had to hear bitches complaining in the library about how their hair froze when they went outside in 20 degree weather with wet hair. So yeah, not that. Just some uplifting funky beats great for when you’re trying to stress clean your room or tune out the bitches behind you in the library.






I can’t lie to you. I thought this song was pretty okay. BUT THE MUSIC VIDEO THO. It’s a decent song paired with a fantastic music video. Lovely story line and a little twist at the end! If you like the song be on the look out for the album release on Feb 1st.


Losing Game

Renee Lamy



This is an absolute gem found by our very own Joella Waldman. Renee has a rich voice that sweeps you off your feet and into her sad, sad arms. God Renee fuck this boy that hurt you, you’re so much better than him.



Lie Lie Lie

Sure Sure


I believe this little number was found by Rachel Sterling but I can’t quite remember. This is just an objectively good song. Nothing else to say bout it.