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Another Thing


Big fans of Homeshake here at WBRS. “Another Thing” perfectly fits the definition of a bop — it’s breezy, low-key, and danceable. This track is off of Homeshake’s newly released album, Helium. At only 33 minutes long, it’s an easy, smooth listen – check it out!

For fans of: Mild High Club, Crumb, Bane’s World





Cursed and Cussed

Charlotte Adigéry

“Cursed and Cussed” is off of the Belgian-Caribbean artist’s first EP, Zandoli. I can’t put this song into a single genre, or even one that exists. It’s electronic, dance, pop, and more, all in one eclectic song. Adigéry cites her penchant for rhythm and having a sense of humor in music from her Martinique-born mother. This song, and all of the EP, is full of the kind of rhythm that you can’t listen to without moving.

For fans of: Sevdaliza, the vibe of “Oblivion” by Grimes (kinda)





Got a Lotta Love

The Cactus Blossoms

Yes, this is country music — but it’s good country music. I discovered The Cactus Blossoms after they were featured in the third season of Twin Peaks and was immediately drawn to their impeccable harmonies (which I can also attest are just as amazing live). The Minneapolis-based brothers have that retro pop-country feel, the kind that makes you want to take an early morning drive in the countryside. Their sophomore album, Easy Way, is out March 1.

For fans of: The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Pokey LaFarge





Fast Times

Albert Hammond, Jr.

The Strokes’ guitarist is back at it again with this guitar-riff-filled punchy track, and I love it. AHJ’s 2006 album, Yours to Keep, will always be so nostalgic for me, and “Fast Times” calls back to that era. It’s rumored that The Strokes are in the process of making a new album, and they are headlining several festivals this summer, including Governor’s Ball. Busy year for the guy! There’s no release date for an album yet, but I’m so looking forward to anything else he’s putting out.

For fans of: The Strokes (obviously), Julian Casablancas (of course)







Dreamy, seductive, and sinister — that’s “T-Shirt” by Pecas. Pecas intertwines her breathy vocals with gentle percussion and post-disco synths to create a track that’s perfect for slow-dancing or lying under silky sheets. Someone has even uploaded an edit of the song as if it were playing in an empty shopping center, which perfectly sums up the feeling of this song.

For fans of: Shura, Barrie, Kevin Krauter





Waiting Game


I think a cowbell kicks this song off in a perfect funky electronic dance fashion. This song is high energy, living out your late-night-warehouse-party-dancing-carelessly-under-strobe-lights dreams. The Minneapolis-based band coins the synth pop track as “new romantic,” which I 100% agree with.

For fans of: “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie, Madonna, Stats







Helado Negro

This song is soft and intimate, hazy and dreamy.  “You got me running, running, running, running…,” repeats in a circular manner, echoing the feeling of exactly that, running in circles, endlessly. This is How You Smile is out March 8.

For fans of: Devendra Banhart, Y La Bamba, Divino Nino







SASAMI feat. Devendra Banhart

SASAMI, also known as Sasami Ashworth, is a former member of Cherry Glazerr who has taken time to create her own solo project. “Free” is a soft, yet edgy, song, ruminating on what it means to be free. Distorted guitar cuts in between the airy verses, and Devendra Banhart contributes with a lovely harmony. SASAMI’s eponymous debut album is out March 8.

For fans of: Mitski, Lala Lala, Girlpool





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